IT Management

Proactive Monitoring

Servers (including domain controllers and file servers), desktops, internet connections and more are monitored remotely, preventing potential issues from becoming real problems. This includes hardware, software, patching and health status monitoring, 24/7 365 days a year.


Security Patch Management

We keep all of your Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and Linux servers, desktops and laptops up to date with the latest official security and maintenance patches without the need for local patch management servers which can be costly and cumbersome to maintain. Additionally we can provide a variety of reports such as patch compliance, exposure risk and more.

Firewall Management

The firewall is generally considered the most important component of your network as it protects your network resources from being accessed and abused externally. Keeping it up to date and ensuring rules are in place and properly configured is critical.


ASG can can setup and deploy new firewalls or manage your existing one. We can also provide ongoing hardware and software support, rules management, 24/7 uptime monitoring, security patching, traffic shaping, setting up VPN accounts, vendor management, and more.


Continuous Back-Ups

We can employ backup solutions to constantly backup your information so it’s always safe, and always accessible. Robust and reliable backup jobs with customizable retention periods, selective folder options and an online web panel for fast and easy file restores.


Disaster Recovery

Our premier backup solution for on-premise production servers offers scheduled mirroring of production servers onto a separate on-site appliance, as well as an off-site datacenter for redundancy. We’re able to perform simple file restores, and virtualize production servers locally or in the cloud for ongoing productivity, even during an office disaster.


Email Archiving

Ensures that the value of your company’s intellectual property is maintained in perpetuity. By capturing every email as it’s sent or received, it ensures a 100% accurate repository, even if an employee deletes an individual email or entire PST file. It also gives employees the power to recover emails that they may have accidentally lost.

VPN Tunnels

Many people need to work remotely and whether on the road, at home or on vacation, they need to gain access to central files in order to maintain data accuracy and ensure the continuity of the organization. If those files are located on a desktop or server inside the office, accessing those files can be difficult or impossible without a VPN.


A virtual private network (VPN) provides a connection via the Internet between a remote PC and your office. It’s like taking a network cable at your office and walking home with it, pulling it through the streets, and plugging it into your laptop when you get home. When you want to access data within your office server from a remote location, VPN software on your laptop establishes a secure tunnel over the Internet back to your office and provides access to the network resources that they need to be productive.


Have an application that requires a local server in your office to function? Using a VPN you can launch the application remotely and it will securely operate as if it was sitting on your network. Have multiple offices where one or more offices need to access to resources in another? We can create an always-on secure tunnel between your locations bridging the networks together as if they are one.

Database Management

Ongoing support, management and monitoring of custom SQL databases (on-premise or hosted), as well as those used by office tools like CRMs, Bookkeeping, Document Management, and more.


Mobile Devices

Ready or not, mobile devices such as iPads, tablets and smart phones are finding their way into offices and onto your network. If you are a small-to-medium sized enterprise, you might not have time to be working on a strategy for this, focused as you are on the growth of your company yet many network security disasters are the result of the loss or security breach of mobile devices.


The average employee has come to expect a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) culture in their company, but the BYOD movement still represents a significant attack vector to corporate security. As a result, IT managers are pressured to find ways to facilitate the use of personal devices while also keeping work and personal data separate and secure.

ASG offer a comprehensive solution for small businesses, giving you an overview of your entire mobile network, with control over devices, users, policies, apps and content. You can integrate your on-premise systems with your cloud systems, meaning your employees have access to the office from wherever they are, boosting productivity while keeping your company secure.

Exchange Server

ASG can provide management and ongoing support of on-premise or hosted Exchange servers. This includes patching and monitoring details such as user count, message queue size, memory usage and growing mailbox sizes. We can even configure a standby email system that gives virtually uninterrupted use of email in the event of a mail server outage.



Correctly setting up and running an antivirus scan on your computer is one of the best starting defenses for keeping your system free of malicious software. A strong defense begins with selecting the right antivirus solution and configuring it properly to get the most protection out of it.

We can deploy and manage a comprehensive server and desktop anti-virus solution instantaneously and across 10s or 100s of computers saving many hours of manual labor. Additionally we can create groups and varying A/V policies for each group depending on your needs. We can also centrally manage anything caught and mitigate based on your corporate policy. Updates to the anti-virus software as well as updates to the virus database can be managed across your entire enterprise in a single view. This is important as an A/V solution is only as good as its virus database and with new viruses being created all the time, ensuring it’s up to date with the latest threat information is essential.


Protection of your endpoint systems, like file servers, laptops and desktops, with advanced technologies for antivirus, antispyware, firewall, and host intrusion prevention is critical to maintaining a secure, problem free network.