Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation, as its name implies, is about intelligently operating your home for a more cost effective and enjoyable living experience. All Systems Go (ASG) can automate and integrate audio, video, lighting, security, computer, telephone intercom, appliances, window treatments, HVAC, pool, spa, fountains, irrigation and more.

Let your home respond intelligently to changing weather conditions by automatically setting the HVAC to a more economical setting when no ones home. Turn off lights when no one is in the room or lock doors automatically at dusk. Turn on your fireplace, dim the lights, and fire up the hot tub before you get home on a cold night.

Saving money, creating and improving security are only a few things home automation can provide. If you can think of a way to make your daily life more simple, convenient or safer, ASG can design a solution to accommodate your need.

As home automation increases in popularity, it’s becoming easier to find products that provide automated capabilities. However, oftentimes you need multiple apps and remote controls to control all of these various devices. For instance, one app to control your lamp, one app to control your thermostat and another to control your TV.


Take your home theatre experience to the next level by replacing all those remotes with one that controls everything, even your home itself. Press a button and dim the lights, lower the window shades, set the temperature, and start the movie. Or take it one step further and let your house detect your presence and set your favorite mood automatically.

ASG integrates all of the devices and components in your home such as your lights, thermostat, door locks, security system, A/V equipment and more into ONE easy-to-use application. Aside from traditional touch screens remotes, your smartphone or tablet can also be a “universal remote” leveraging the same unified controls, look and feel.

No matter the need, be it home theater, energy management, lighting Control, simple home automation, or a full blown smart home, ASG will listen to your needs and design a system that fits.

Centralized Control